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ANNUAL STATEMENT February 2018 – January 2019

Learning Links International CIC (LLI) has achieved the programme we set out for our eighth year and again LLI was able to be responsive to additional opportunities that we found during this time. Following our extensive review and evaluation of our objects and business plan, we worked during the year to position the company’s focus to take advantage of the creative team we have developed in North Wales, with the opportunities and potential we have identified to develop our approach in education/entertainment related to telling the stories of our “shared histories”.

Our team of Directors communicate regularly and are actively involved in decision making, but as our geographic locations make it difficult to meet together, Skype calls work well.

Caroline Sansome is a significant player supporting our work in Wales and we are delighted that she is now bringing her skills and experience as part of the team of Learning Links International Directors and she made a significant input to prepare the successful funding application for the Heritage Lottery Fund. Caroline also has an important role in logistics management and acted as driver during the Jamaican High Commission visit to North Wales.

Ray Olayinka has continues to take an active interest in all we do, but is somewhat limited by the location of his current work, however his PhD in “Knowledge Management” and his knowledge of West Africa and academic links are proving to be a great asset to us, and we have started to explore the work he has done in Knowledge Management to the transfer of understanding of historical knowledge to ensure that histories are remembered and our understanding is refreshed as time goes by.

Natalie Fagan Brown has continued to support all our endeavours and made a significant contribution to support the Jamaican High Commission Tour and to the preparation of the HLF application.

Sue Barnes continues to keep a focus on governance and management of the organisation as a social enterprise and our engagement of volunteer support.

Liz Millman continues to lead as Development Director, with a focus on networking, finding funding sources and managing our projects.  During the year Liz carried out extensive research and drafted a successful Heritage Lottery Fund to explore the production of woollen fabric called ‘Welsh Plains’ that was used to clothe enslaved Africans.

Unfortunately, after only a short time, we had to thank Dawn Thomas from Ladybug Accounting for her support, but we were delighted that Barrie Buels from Crestmere Ltd felt able to take on the role of presenting our accounts, with Sophie Bickle Grey taking on the book keeping role.

We have continued to develop our position in Wales and to engage with local support groups e.g. Mantell Gwynedd and Women Working Together, as well as to improve our community networking and engagement. Learning Links International is active in support to the North Wales Jamaica Society, the North Wales Association for Multi-Cultural Integration, Race Council Cymru and supported the setup of the Gwynedd / North Wales African Society.

Our team of Advisors and the people we can call on for support has grown significantly and we thank every one of them,  especially for letters of support for the HLF application.

Learning Links International has embraced Race Council Cymru’s Black History Cymru 365 initiatve and supported Black History Month with a growing range of projects that included: the Jamaica Wales Alliance Initiative, The Pennants Project, Welsh and Jamaican Poetry Links and the exploration of the use of Welsh Cloth to clothe enslaved workers in the New World, as well as Australia Links and the ‘Beaumaris: Here & There’ initiative. More detail of these activities in Appendix 1.

These projects give us opportunities to achieve the purpose and initial aims stated in our Community Interest Company (CIC) as a social enterprise, “to provide benefit to a number of sections of the UK community, as well as the communities we are working with internationally”: see Appendix 2

Our main activities during the year have been developing the Jamaica Wales Alliance Initiative, reviving work on Welsh and Jamaican poetry links with respect and recognition of Caribbean and African languages, recognising Windrush Day, working with Rotary International Clubs to support the Pennants Project and doing the research necessary to prepare the successful Heritge Lottery application.

Prepared by the Directors of Learning Links International CIC  19 / 3 /2019

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